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Step-by-step installation instructions GROM USB2 adapter into Nissan Altima 2008. You will need philips screw driver, panel removal tool and around 15 minutes to do this.

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Products > USB Interfaces > GROM-USB2-TOY

Toyota/Scion/Lexus 98-10 GROM USB car interface adapter(GROM-USB2-TOY)

USB Drive Media player for the car stereo
Full control from the stereo buttons or steering wheel
USB male to female cable 6FT
OEM harness to connect to the back of the stereo
Full control from car stereo or steering wheel
Supports FAT 32/16 up to 32GB
iPod/iPhone interface and AUX port
In-dash 6-CD will remain working !
Most Toyotas, Lexus and Scions supported (year 98+)

124.99 USD 
Car make/model/year:
Add Grom Bluetooth Dongle + $49.99
AUX MiniDin to 3.5mm audio cable, 6FT + $9.75
2GB USB stick (free) FREE

Product details

USB Connection: GROM-USB car stereo adapter connects your USB 2.0 device such as flash drive, external hard drive or mass storage device to the stock stereo in your car. With GROM-USB you can listen to your digital music library and control the playback through your car stereo controls.

Bluetooth: Use your phone in the car hands free (HFP), stream your MP3 music from your phone to the factory stereo via Bluetooth Audio playback (A2DP), control your MP3 music with the car stereo or steering wheel controls via Bluetooth wireless audio control (AVRCP) with the GROM Bluetooth Dongle

AUX Input: Aux connection (for any additional audio source such as DVD, MP3 player, XM and more) via GROM AUX MiniDin to 3.5mm audio cable, 6FT.

Operation of USB is simple:
  • Transfer your MP3/WMA/iTunes (AAC) files to USB stick/disk/drive
  • Connect GROM-USB car kit to your car stereo via CD changer port
  • Connect USB male to female cable to GROM
  • Plug-in USB disk / stick / drive into GROM

Now your stereo:
  • Converted USB disk into virtual CD changer
  • Plays MP3 / WMA / iTunes (AAC) files
  • Browse your music files via car stereo buttons (check Operation Manual)
  • Navigates through directories and map them to the disc buttons on your car stereo or steering wheel controls
  • Plays higher than CD quality (18 bits) sound directly to your car stereo
  • Provides additional AUX input via RCA and 3.5mm cable (you will need to get GROM MiniDin to 3.5mm audio cable for that)
  • Provides additional iPod/iPhone interface with full control and charge with GROM IPOD 5V cable for USB
  • Provides Bluetooth hands free and wireless music playback from your mobile phone with the additional GROM Bluetooth Dongle

Note: Since there is only one EXT port on the GROM USB adapter box you may only have one of two - Bluetooth or AUX cable - connected at a time.

Main characteristics:
  • Built-in high quality (18 bits,low noise) MP3 / WMA Decoder
  • Supports USB Stick / flash drive / mass storage device
  • FAT 16/32 system supported
  • Higher than CD quality sound of your MP3 files with level-matching technology
  • Full control over the music via steering wheel or car stereo controls
  • Maps discs to root folders
  • Shuffle, scan, repeat through your MP3/WMA files
  • Additional audio MiniDin to 3.5mm cableto connect any MP3/Audio player
  • Bluetooth handsfree and wireless music playback from your mobile phone via GROM Bluetooth Dongle
  • Playlist positions are preserved for several USB sticks
  • For more information on folders, formats, operation and limits- read FAQ
  • Firmware upgradeable, universal interface fits many car makes

Technical specs:
  • Operating temperature: -40C - +85C (-50F - +200F)
  • Operational current: ~150mA
  • Standby current: ~2mA
  • SN Ratio: 70dB
  • DAC resolution: 18bit
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.1%

Important:Please carefully check the compatibility list for your vehicle. You can also check the CD changer port at the back of your stereo and compare it to the following chart

Product advantages

Simple installation ensures that all you need to know is how to pull out your existing car stereo. Everything else is included and ready to go even by a newbie !


Lexus GS 3xx/4xx 01-03
Lexus GS 3xx/4xx 04-11
Lexus ES 3xx 04-11 (no Single CD)
Lexus GX 470 04-11 (all)
Lexus GX 470 03-03 (no Navi)
Lexus RX 3xx/4xx 04-11 (non-Nakamichi stereo only)
Lexus RX 3xx/4xx 99-03 (non-Nakamichi stereo only)
Lexus SC 430 05-11 (all)
Lexus IS 2xx/3xx 99-04
Lexus IS 2xx/3xx 05-11
Lexus LS 4xx 01-03 (outside US only)
Lexus LS 4xx 04-11
Scion any model 03-11
Toyota 4 Runner 98-02
Toyota 4 Runner 03-11
Toyota Avalon 98-04
Toyota Avalon 05-11 (05-07 with NAV is not compatible)
Toyota Camry 98-04
Toyota Camry 05-11
Toyota Celica 98-02
Toyota Celica 03-11
Toyota Corolla 98-04
Toyota Corolla 05-11
Toyota FJ Cruiser 07-11
Toyota Higlander 01-03
Toyota Higlander 04-11
Toyota Landcruiser 98-02
Toyota Landcruiser 03-04
Toyota Landcruiser 05-09
Toyota Matrix 05-11
Toyota MR2 98-03
Toyota MR2 04-11
Toyota Prius 03-04
Toyota Prius 05-11
Toyota RAV4 98-02
Toyota RAV4 03-11
Toyota Sequoia 98-03
Toyota Sequoia 04-11
Toyota Sienna 98-03
Toyota Sienna 04-11
Toyota Solara 98-03
Toyota Solara 04-11
Toyota Tacoma 98-04
Toyota Tacoma 05-11
Toyota Tundra 98-02
Toyota Tundra 03-11
Toyota Yaris 05-11
Toyota Venza 08-11
Toyota Altezza 99-07
Toyota Altezza 08-09

Package contents

- Car stereo adapter in metal enclosure
- OEM compatible harness to connect to the back of the car stereo
- USB Type A Male / Type A Female 6FT cable
- Operation manual
If you need Bluetooth handsfree and wireless playback functionality - please check the box near GROM Bluetooth Dongle and add it to your cart.

If you need AUX 3.5mm input for any audio source - please check the box near AUX MiniDin to 3.5mm audio cable, 5FT and add it to your cart.



- 30 days money back guarantee
- 1 yr replacement warranty


We ship within US and internationally. For rates and delivery times please see this chart

Return Policy

30 days money back guarantee
All returned items should be requested on Support page
Without RMA we will not accept returns !
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