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Honda Y cable is in stock
Y cable for Honda/Acura is available for purchase. It is required for the installations with XM radio or NAV more >>
Jeep Liberty 2006 iPod Installation Instructions
Step by step installation instructions for Jeep Liberty 04-06. Includes stereo removal tips, suggestion for iPod placement and other useful info.
Toyota-Lexus Installation issues
This simple HOW-TO will help to resolve issues for some 98-03 Toyota/Lexus installations. It involves some soldering and parts buying, but it will restore all functions lost upon adapter installation. In case if you do not feel comfortable doing any work yourself, you may simply buy the following cable: TOY-F/MM.
Grom adapters compatibility
Check your stereo harnes before you buy. It will help to aviod installation problems or time waste.

GROM Digital Interface for Palm and Axim

GROM Interface for Palm and Axim is designed to integrate smart handheld device such as Palm PDA and smartphone or Axim PDA into the car audio system. With GROM interface it is easy to use PDA for MP3 playback, GPS voice guided navigation, phone control and more... It plugs the PDA device directly into the car audio system with the ability to control PDA from the car stereo controls.
An exclusive technology enables Palm owners to expand their driving experience. Now it is possible to use Palm for voice guided navigation, playing MP3 music, phone calls (Treo only) without any other special device installed in the car. There is no need to have a dedicated MP3 player or GPS navigation just for the in-car use. Connect your Palm to your car and get unlimited number of features it can provide.
GROM Interface for PDA is a new way to use PDA as a portable media player with the full integration into the vehicle's entertainment system. It enables drivers to bring huge media collection into the car, easily access it, shuffle songs, skip between tracks and adjust volume - all of this with the car stereo head unit controls and multifunction steering wheel controls.

Main features and functionality:

GROM highlights the following features:
- Simple installation. Native OEM plugs for ultimately reliable connectivity
- High quality stereo sound directly from PDA on your car stereo
- Control Palm / Axim via car stereo buttons
- Charge PDA / smartphone while connected

Basic Diagram

Product advantages:

- High quality components ensure the highest quality sound possible in a car
- Simple cable connection allow to use many different programs via key mappings or native drivers
- Original car's harness fits just right in your car and require no additional tools or adjustments for mounting. Simple plug-n-play installation saves you time and money.

Current compatibility:

- Treo 650/700p/700w
- T|X, LifeDrive, E3, T5

Dell Axim:
- Axim x50v
- Axim x51v

No more need to fumble with your Axim / Palm while driving - use car stereo buttons to operate your Axim. Forget about FM transmitters or glimsy speakers on a holder.


Jeep Liberty 2006 iPod Installation Instructions
Toyota-Lexus Installation issues
Grom adapters compatibility
Car2PC firmware 1.3 for BMW
GROM Interface for Palm and Axim
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