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Honda Y cable is in stock
Y cable for Honda/Acura is available for purchase. It is required for the installations with XM radio or NAV more >>
Jeep Liberty 2006 iPod Installation Instructions
Step by step installation instructions for Jeep Liberty 04-06. Includes stereo removal tips, suggestion for iPod placement and other useful info.
Toyota-Lexus Installation issues
This simple HOW-TO will help to resolve issues for some 98-03 Toyota/Lexus installations. It involves some soldering and parts buying, but it will restore all functions lost upon adapter installation. In case if you do not feel comfortable doing any work yourself, you may simply buy the following cable: TOY-F/MM.
Grom adapters compatibility
Check your stereo harnes before you buy. It will help to aviod installation problems or time waste.

Car2Linux multimedia software installation HOW-TO

Car2Linux is dedicated to become a multimedia software solution in your car. Simple and very easy to use. You can customize it to your needs due to its open source nature. This document will cover simple step-by-step instructions of how to install Car2Linux.

First of all, let's see what Car2Linux can do:

  • Plug-n-play installation with Car2PC interface in many car makes
  • 11 MB Linux distro for Epia-M platform only
  • Full support for i18n and unicode
  • 10 secs boot time on Linux after POST
  • Removable storages detection
  • Plays audio files (no DRM supported !)
  • Plays video files
  • Automatic update from the removable storage( Linux only )
  • Builds meta db for songs automatically upon removable media insertion
  • Provides voice feedback on every action it does
  • Expandable via plugins
  • In order to install Car2Linux you will need the following:

  • Car2Linux tarball
  • VIA EPIA-M or EPIA-MII board
  • At least 32 MB Flash drive.
    We recommend flash drive due to its shock proof nature and robust performance under tough conditions
  • PSU ( power supply )
    For car usage we recommend M2-ATX, but you free to choose the one you like
  • Car2PC interface that matches your car ( or any keyboard )
  • Let's get started.
    Assume you have your drive where you want to install Car2Linux as Primary IDE master and you are using Live CD (will be available later) or any other existing Linux where you have a shell prompt

    Run these commands:

  • fdisk /dev/hda
  • Make sure you partition your drive the way you like, but to keep it simple we assume you have only 1 Linux partition: /dev/hda1
  • mkfs.ext2 /dev/hda1
  • mkdir -p /mnt/hda1
  • mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/hda1
  • cd /mnt/hda1
  • Now you need to get the Car2Linux image either from cdrom or other removable storage or even network.
  • tar xfz <path_to_car2linux tarball>/car2linux-<VERSION>.tar.gz
  • cd /
  • extlinux /mnt/hda1/boot
  • umount /mnt/hda1
  • This is it ! Now you can run your Car2Linux distro directy booting from the /dev/hda1 drive by setting booting sequence in BIOS or in yor favourite boot loader.

    Here are the list of keys you can use to navigate through your media collection:
    left arrow, right arrow - scroll through selection
    1, 2, enter - enter selection
    6, esc, backspace - exit selection 1 level up
    r - set random playing
    , . - seek through the file ( fast forward, fast backward )
    Car Stereo:
    <, > - scroll through selection
    1, 2 - enter selection ( 2 plays everything from the current selection. eg the whole genre )
    6 - exit selection 1 level up
    MIX - set random playing
    << >> - seek through the file ( fast forward, fast backward )

    Jeep Liberty 2006 iPod Installation Instructions
    Toyota-Lexus Installation issues
    Grom adapters compatibility
    Car2PC firmware 1.3 for BMW
    GROM Interface for Palm and Axim
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