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Volvo 94-00 USB, iPod and AUX supported!
USB, iPod+ AUX for most 94-00 Volvos
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Subaru 07-09 USB iPod adapters arrived!
Now your Subaru can sing ! USB, iPod+ AUX for 07-09 Subaru
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Nissan Altima '08 GROMified !
Watch the new video for Nissan Altima 2008 installation !
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Nissan Altima 08 USB/iPod Installation (youtube video)

Step-by-step installation instructions GROM USB2 adapter into Nissan Altima 2008. You will need philips screw driver, panel removal tool and around 15 minutes to do this.

Ford Focus 2008 stereo removal guide and adapter installation

Installation instructions and car stereo removal guide for Ford Focus 2008 MP3 stereo. You will need flat screwdriver, 10 mm wrench and wire crimp tool.

Toyota Matrix 2008 GROM iPod or USB adapter installation

Installation instructions for Toyota Matrix 2008 Single CD stereo. You will need flat screwdriver and 10 mm wrench.
Products > Car PC integration > Car2PC-VAG

VW / AUDI to Car PC adapter(Car2PC-VAG)

USB connection for control signals
3.5 mm audio jack for audio connection from Car PC
Original harness to connect to the back of the stereo (or in the trunk - VAG-T)
Programmable behavior for PC software
WinAmp plugin
Windows Media Player plugin
Direct connection to the car stereo
VW, AUDI, SEAT, SKODA supported
In-dash 6-CD will remain working !

79.99 USD 
Car make/model/year:

Product details

Direct sound connection will ensure the best sound quality non compromised by FM transmitter or cassette adapter.
Control your Car PC or laptop directly from the car stereo (head unit), switch between playlists, genres, artists, albums or favorites.
Choose different plugins with different behavior for WinAmp, Windows Media Player or some other multimedia software (see Downloads section).
Just plug the device into the back of your stereo and connect it to your Car PC via USB cable and you should be all set ! Play back any multimedia track you have on your Car PC !

For VW, Seat and Skoda car makes: Car2PC Adapter with Car PC Interface is available now with 2 cable choices - VAGS (single din stereos) and VAGD (double din stereos) cable for dashboard mounting and VAG-T cable for trunk mounting. Depending on where would you like to mount your adapter you can choose between those two choices, or we can supply you with both upon request. Below are the pictures of VAGS cable (left), VAGD cable and VAG-T cable.

Pros of using VAG-T (trunk mounting) cable
- No need to take out the stereo or disassemble the dashboard in order to gain access to the CD changer port
- Less time for an instalation work
- You will have to store your Car PC in the trunk
If you need to have 2 cables you can buy an additional cable here
We also have the 6FT and 10FT extension cables here
Note for AUDI: In some AUDI vehicles, a solid 3-in-1 factory connector blocks access to the CD changer port.
The factory connector must be removed to gain access to the CD changer port. If that is your case you need to use AUDS harness that accepts the factory connector and plugs into the radio, leaving the CD changer port open for proper use of any interface adapter or auxiliary input converter (including Car2PC).

Product advantages

USB connection makes it simple to attach to any modern PC or laptop. Single universal cable makes installation simple and sleek without messing with several cables !

Simple installation ensures that all you need to know is how to pull out your existing car stereo. Everything else is included and ready to go even by a newbie !
We develop software for our products and encourage other companies by providing complete set of API and standards. With Car2PC you can be sure that you'll find software that works exactly as you want it to.


SEAT any model 98-10
Skoda 1 DIN radio 98-10 (2 inches in height)
Skoda 2 DIN radio 03-10 (4 inches in height)
VW Beetle 99-08 (stereo is 2 inches in height)
VW Beetle Convertible 99-08 (stereo is 2 inches in height)
VW Beetle 09-10 (stereo is 4 inches in height)
VW Cabrio 98-01 (stereo is 2 inches in height)
VW EOS 07-10 (stereo is 4 inches in height)
VW Jetta 99-02 (stereo is 2 inches in height)
VW Jetta 03-10 (stereo is 4 inches in height)
VW Passat 99-01 (stereo is 2 inches in height)
VW Passat 02-10 (stereo is 4 inches in height)
VW Golf/R32/GTI/Rabbit 98-02 (stereo is 2 inches in height)
VW Golf/R32/GTI/Rabbit 03-10 (stereo is 4 inches in height)
VW Tiguan 04-10 (stereo is 4 inches in height)
VW Touareg 02-10 (stereo is 4 inches in height)

Package contents

- Car stereo adapter in plastic enclosure
- OEM compatible harness to connect to the back of the car stereo
- USB + audio combo cable for Car PC integration
- Installation manual
- Drivers and plugins disk



- 30 days money back guarantee
- 1 yr replacement warranty
- Free upgrades for PC software


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