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This section contains description of the hardware I used in my project. The only part was made by me here is the case. That's what made the whole project possible.

The case for this project was made out of regular CRS steel. It has mounting points and standoffs so all the components can be mounted safely and firmly. It only contains 2 pieces, top and bottom.

The front panel is made out of regular ABS plastic with ventilation holes and holes for the components such as DVD-ROM, power button and power led.

I was trying to have as simple design as possible so it cost less to build.

Here you'll find all the drawings to build by your own or even let me do it for you.
InDashPC within my case
The motherboard was used for In Dash PC Project is EPIA-M from VIA. It was a wise move from VIA to release such a nice and small thing with so many features under the hood. It is capable to perform all the operations I wanted in my in car pc.

In Dash PC - Motherboard I used
Power supply( PSU ) and Power sequencer( power adapter )
The power in the car is the most difficuilt thing to provide. Very sensible computer components require stable and clean power supply in any environment. Especially in the car, where power line is suffering from EMI and every engine startup can be fatal for your computer if not properly connected.

The power supply used in my project is PW-70 from ITuner which supplies +-5V, +12V out of regular +12V DC source( so called DC-DC power supply ). It provides about 70W of energy to the computer which is more than sufficient.

The power sequencer/regulator is the device which adds stability and some logic to your power in different environments. In my case I need stable +12V for the power supply to work when you turn on or off the ignition.
During the startup the engine can drop the voltage of the car battery to 5-7V, whereas immediatelly after startup it can spike up to 24V and higher and will damage your motherboard or other computer devices if unprotected.
There is another situation when you turned off the engine and forgot to turn off the computer. It will result in empty battery just in a few hours.
To prevent all these from happenning the sequencer/regulator is needed. I used ITPS from ITuner.
In Dash PC - Power adapter and power regulator/sequencer
Everything else
Of course with only those three things above the computer won't work. It'll need DDR memory, flash drive to boot from and DVD-ROM to easily change your information. Since all of these components are standard, I'm not going to cover them in details.

You may ask why flash drive ?
I have to admit, it is more expensive and has less storage on it.

But. I use laptops for about 4 years now and I've got 2 HD died during that time, even though I do not use it in a harsch environment which definitely is in the car. Also I've read atricles that automative companies doing their vibrating tests up to 10gRMS in 2000 Hz range. The surviving range for 2.5'' is about 1 gRMS operational( 1.5 gRMS non operational ). Do the math.

This way I decided that I do not want my in-dash PC to die because I use the wrong road or cautch the bump when it was reading the drive. It will require me to buy the new drive, reinstall everything, put my data there again and...
I don't want that. Period.

There is no problem at all using it as a storage drive though, at least you always have a working car pc.
 In Dash PC - some other components I used
In Dash PC - white_str1
In Dash PC - white_str2
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